Rain Rain Go Away

Would you pay $75 for an umbrella?  Um, I wouldn’t, but you could if you wanted to.

This week is all rain, all the time in the forecast for me and I need a new umbrella. The old golf umbrella I inherited many years ago doesn’t quite  fit with my new, more stylish life, so I started shopping around.

You could buy this lovely “Lola Dot” umbrella for $75 at umbrellas.net

"Lola Dot" umbrella from umbrellas.net

Or how about the just-as-cute, strikingly similar, “Yellow Dot” umbrella at Old Navy for $9.50.

"Yellow Dot" Umbrella from Old Navy

Thank goodness for knock-offs!!

I’m sure the “Lola Dot” probably has a longer lifespan than the “Yellow Dot”, but for the price of the “Lola Dot” you could get one of every pattern Old Navy offers and match your umbrella to your mood (and your outfit)!


Closet Inspiration

If you’ve got and iPhone or iPod Touch, check out the new closet manager app called Stylebook. With Stylebook you can load in photos of everything in your closet, organize them into outfits, and save photos that inspire you. I don’t think it actually styles your outfits for you (wouldn’t that be nice?) but it can help you manage your closet and inspire you. If you give it a try, be sure to post a comment with your review!

Or, you can go the low-tech route like me: cut out pics of outfits you like and hang them on the inside of your closet door as inspiration.

If you really need some help, hire a stylist.  No, they aren’t just for celebs.  Stylist Christine Cameron helped me go through my closet.  She gave me lots of great ideas and even though it cost a couple of hundred bucks, it was still cheaper than a trip to mall to buy a bunch of stuff that I would end up not wearing.  All I needed was few new accessories (belts, mainly) and it’s like I have a whole new wardrobe.

Treasured Trinkets

One thing I love about jewelry is the emotional connection it creates, whether its a pair of diamond earrings from your grandmother or a funky costume piece from a trendy shop.

I was going through my jewelry last night and came across a silver locket I got 20 years ago.  It’s on a long chain and is simple and pretty, but for some reason it has bad karma. Whenever I wore it something went wrong.  Yet, I can’t seem to part with it.

But, it got me thinking about how I would love to wear something similar now.  So I started looking around and I found this one.

Vintage Victorian Aviary Locket Necklace from SparklePeach

It must have been calling to me.  Why do I say that?  Two reasons: 1. I just saw something online today about how flying bird motifs are big on the fashion scene 2. According to its profile, SparklePeach has the same birthday as me!

I’m buying it. I can already feel its good karma.

Be sure to check out SparklePeach on Etsy. She has some pretty things.

By the way, if you’re wondering why I didn’t post a pic of the old locket. I don’t want its bad karma to infect this new venture of mine.  And after writing this I realize, I’m ready to let it go.  Maybe it’ll bring *good* karma to someone else.

Introducing Style-Spark!

Style-Spark was born after I was inspired to add more style to my life.  As the mom of a toddler, its easy to miss out on a stylish life.  But, I realized once I started to look around there are sparks of style everywhere you go, it’s just a matter of seeing them.  So I put this blog together to help inspire myself and you.  My goal is to post daily with sparks of fashion, beauty, art, design and architecture; things I see in my everyday life.

I have to give credit to Christine at my style pill, she had been my biggest inspiration lately, helping me get my fashion style back on track.  She just wrapped up her Remix Challenge giving us all ideas on how to mix it up with a little black dress – here’s a sneak peek and my personal favorite.  Thanks, Christine!

Remix Challenge Day 5 by my style pill