Closet Inspiration

If you’ve got and iPhone or iPod Touch, check out the new closet manager app called Stylebook. With Stylebook you can load in photos of everything in your closet, organize them into outfits, and save photos that inspire you. I don’t think it actually styles your outfits for you (wouldn’t that be nice?) but it can help you manage your closet and inspire you. If you give it a try, be sure to post a comment with your review!

Or, you can go the low-tech route like me: cut out pics of outfits you like and hang them on the inside of your closet door as inspiration.

If you really need some help, hire a stylist.  No, they aren’t just for celebs.  Stylist Christine Cameron helped me go through my closet.  She gave me lots of great ideas and even though it cost a couple of hundred bucks, it was still cheaper than a trip to mall to buy a bunch of stuff that I would end up not wearing.  All I needed was few new accessories (belts, mainly) and it’s like I have a whole new wardrobe.