Style Rx

I promise this will be my last post related to being sick, but I just have to share.  When you’re stuck with a nasty cough, Halls cough drops can be your best friend.  But why keep them in that ugly bag?  My hubby came up with the idea to put them in this cute little cup!  And when I asked him to pick up a of Kleenex he found this box with a pretty bamboo print.  Aren’t husbands great??

Just because you are sick doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style!

I can’t remember where the cup is from (Pier 1 maybe? A friend gave us a set of five a few years ago), but the Kleenex are from Whole Foods.


Photos of Things

I saw a very stylish girl taking pictures of a trash pile in an alley today.  I asked her what she was taking pictures of, she said “things downtown.” I was hoping to get a peek at her picture, but no such luck.  I have a feeling she saw something that I didn’t and it was a very cool picture.

It reminds me of a time my brother took a picture out the car window when we were crossing the San Francisco Bay Bridge once.  It was a very cool picture of something in the rearview mirror.  He saw something I didn’t.

That’s what makes the world such an interesting, and stylish, place.

In a Guy’s Eyes

Guys can find style-sparks too!

One of the guys I work with came back from an afternoon coffee run today and said, “have you ever been in that flower shop on the corner?” Then he said, and I quote: I am inundated with awesomeness!

He obviously saw some things that I inspired him.  Which speaks to why I started this blog, you just never know when you’ll come across a spark of style.

For those of you in Seattle, the inspirational shop is Seattle Flowers on the corner of Second and James downtown.

Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you, I want to hear about your sparks too!  Post them as a comment or share them on the Style-Spark facebook page.


It’s Valentine’s Day.  My husband and I have never made too big a deal of it, too many ghosts of Valentine’s Day past I guess.  But, some things happened this weekend that made me see it in a different light.

On Saturday night, we looked back at pictures from the year we got married; we have all our pics from the year in one album.  There were so many pictures of us just being dorks and doing everyday things.  We looked so happy.  Not that we aren’t happy now, we just have a lot more on our plate so things don’t seem as carefree as they did then.  But, looking at those pictures made me realize that we need to have more fun, that we need to act more like we did then… even if we do have a dog and a baby and more bills.

A friend of mine lost her Dad this weekend. A death is always a strong reminder of how short life is.  It reminded me that I need to live for today.

Despite our “let’s not do anything for Valentine’s Day” pact, this morning my hubby spelled out love you in candy hearts on the bed for me.  It was so sweet.

The Candy Hearts

Tonight at Yoga class, the girl next to me told me she is going to have a baby.  That’s always exciting news, but extra special for me, because it was this time 2 years ago when I got pregnant with my daughter.

I realized all these things add up to one big thing… LOVE!

And that’s what today is about, being loved and loving others… so maybe Valentine’s Day is worth celebrating after all.

Things I Forget I Love

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. A friend of mine posted this in her Facebook status today….

“Things I forget I love:
Pinwheel sandwiches
There might be more later ”

It’s easy to forget… thanks for the reminder, Jamie.

The things I forget I love:
Walking in the rain (without an umbrella)
The sound of crickets
Sand between my toes

What do you forget you love? Please share.

Two Things

Today I did two things that left me feeling inspired.  Nothing special, just two simple things.

1. Stopped at the car wash. Had my car washed inside and out! Wheh, what a relief.  Now I’m riding in style.  I forgot how much I love my car.

2. Took a different route home.  I could have gone the regular ol’ way when I left the car wash, but decided to take the road less travelled.  I drove through a funky neighborhood that I love, but don’t get to very often.  It was buzzing with life and all the shops looked colorful and exciting in the late afternoon light. It was the best thing I did all day.

Cherishing Life

Yesterday I spent the morning on a photo shoot for work.  There were models and cameras and stylists and big fancy Mac monitor… all the makings of a stylish morning. But, the biggest thing I took away from yesterday morning was the conversation I had with the owner of the house where the shoot was taking place.

She’s a mom of a 6 1/2 year old in her early 40s who has been battling lung cancer since the summer of 2008.   I’ve known her through work for a while but this was the first time I’ve seen her since her diagnosis.

As we were talking she told me that she had a scan recently that showed her cancer had progressed and that she is really scared.  She said she’s just hoping she makes it til this summer. I can’t even imagine how she must be feeling, to know she won’t see her daughter grow up.

I’ve thought a lot about that conversation over the last 24 hours and it really puts things into perspective.  I realized with heavy heart that I may never see Melissa again, I hope that’s not the case, but sadly it may be a reality. You just never know what life will throw at you and how long we have.

So how do I tie this back to the reason for this blog? Well, first, there is nothing that epitomizes style and grace more than a woman facing cancer head on and staying positive.  Melissa is not letting this ruin her life, she’s held her head high and is determined to fight it with all she has.  And, she’s shared her story through the whole thing on her blog, Hoping For Some Grace.

Secondly, I think it is so important to live the life you want, to not hold back, to pursue your dreams and the things that inspire you. While I love cute clothes and chic purses are great, ultimately this blog for me is about finding inspiration and fueling my creativity.  I have neglected those things and they are part of what make me who I am. Being inspired makes me a happier person and that makes me a better person for my daughter, my husband and the rest of my family and friends.  So, for now, if it’s a blog about purses and makeup and shoes that inspires me, I’ll take it.  I just hope it inspires you too.

Please take care of yourselves and make the most of the time you have.  Do what you love.