iPod Chic

So I am either totally un-hip or just getting old.  Today I discovered you can get skins for your iPod, phone or laptop.  Who knew?  A friend of mine was showing me her new iPod today and it had this great “skin” on it.  Its from a company called Gizmobies.  When I went online, I discovered there are all kinds of “skins.”

Here the one my friend had.. I’m getting one too!

Fleur de Lis for the iPod Touch from Gizmobies

This reminds me of something I meant to post earlier.  In a meeting on Friday my client had her laptop decorated with these decals that she bought on Etsy.  It was a great way to chic things up at work.

Flowers and Birds laptop decal from greywolfgraphics on Etsy

There are a TON more like this on Etsy.


Classy Glasses

This morning as I was getting ready to start my day at the office, I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.  I grabbed a glass out of the cupboard and thought “geez this glass is ugly!” Next on my list, get myself a set of cute glasses for work.

Then I remembered… I have set of glasses from IKEA in my garage at home.  They are coming to work with me tomorrow! I’m always trying to drink more water, so maybe adding a little more style to my drinking hardware will help motivate me.

Here’s the glasses I have it home, a set of six is just $5.99 from IKEA.

SNÄLL Glass Set from IKEA

Word Surfing

These mini composition books are an unexpected treasure I found at Staples.

"Floral Surf" Mini Composition Books from Staples.

I stopped in to grab some manila envelopes (which can be super stylish with a black sharpie and some funky handwriting), and I saw these adorable little books.  They come in a two-pack and are less than $5!  I had seen some similar ones in a boutique for four times as much just a few days ago.

I love little notebooks like this; they are perfect for capturing those random creative thoughts. Plus they’re so cheap you can throw one in your purse, one in your top desk drawer, one in your nightstand and any other place your heart desires.

These are the “Floral Surf” design, they had several others to choose from.