Pretty Pictures

In yesterday’s paper there was an article about turning your photos into wall art, it made me think of some recent pictures that I need to frame.  There are so many options…

First, there’s the classic frame. I’m partial to frames that come with mattes, they always seem more polished and really make the photos pop. Here’s a great pic of my grandma… I found the frame at a Rite Aid for like five bucks.

Then there are companies that turn your photos into wall art, like BumbleJax that I read about in the paper yesterday.  And there are lots of places that will print your photos on canvas.

If you want to go the old fashioned route and use frames, use a design tool like the one from Pottery Barn to help you plan out a wall of photos. Art Wall offers layout ideas (and even fills in the art pieces for you if you want).

Wall Decor Tool from Pottery Barn

Art Wall

If you need to buy frames, look for an Aaron Brothers near you, twice a year (usually around the holidays and in the summer) they have a “buy one, get one for a penny” sale on all frames.  And, of course, IKEA is always a great option for frames (the catalog and Web site have good frame layout ideas too!).

IKEA frame idea from Web site.


Sniffing Out Street Art

My hubby sent me a style-spark to share with you all.  Actually, he says I need to give credit to our dog, Maci, for sniffing it out.

Random Street Art

I tried to sniff out more info on the artist, but had no luck.  Anyone in Seattle know anything about this? If so, let me know.

Next time your walking around town see what random art you can sniff out. When you find something cool send me a pic!

Photos of Things

I saw a very stylish girl taking pictures of a trash pile in an alley today.  I asked her what she was taking pictures of, she said “things downtown.” I was hoping to get a peek at her picture, but no such luck.  I have a feeling she saw something that I didn’t and it was a very cool picture.

It reminds me of a time my brother took a picture out the car window when we were crossing the San Francisco Bay Bridge once.  It was a very cool picture of something in the rearview mirror.  He saw something I didn’t.

That’s what makes the world such an interesting, and stylish, place.

Art Signals

There are some works of art that have been popping up by intersections the city where I live – I saw a new one today on the corner by my office, a woman on a moped.  These signal boxes are being painted by various artists as part of a public art project funded by the city’s Department of Transportation. Turns out several cities have taken steps to spruce up their signal boxes. I think it is very cool!  Here’s a look…

Girl on Moped

Painted signal box in Seattle

Thanks to all the contributors, you can check out a whole gallery of artistically painted utility boxes in all different cities. (Thanks for the pictures!)

Captivating Colors

For so many us, incorporating more color into our lives can be a challenge. I know that’s the case for me, I’m always drawn to more subdued hues.

But not for artist Ellen Håkensen Faris. For her, color is way of life and this is reflected in her striking paintings. Here’s her first work of 2010, “Stacked Squares of Colors.”

"Stacked Squares of Color" by Ellen Håkensen Faris

Ellen creates each piece digitally and then transfers it to canvas. You can see more of her work on her web site.

I have to disclose that Ellen is, in fact, my Mom. But, nonetheless, her creativity, style and spunk inspire me every day!

Creativity of All Kinds (plus some postcards)

Sometimes one style-spark leads to another…

style-spark#1: I came across a  terrific new shop/gallery called Assemble; I was out for a walk and there it was.  Owners Andie and Emily have integrated a gallery space, a workshop studio, and a retail shop to host creativity of all kinds.  The studio offers classes such as Art Journal: Nature Retrospective, Crocheted Earrings & Jewelry and Printmaking Basics. The gallery features installations by artists such as Karl Addison.  And the shop has some clever and creative products.  If you live in Seattle, look for it on Greenwood Ave.

Photos courtesy of Assemble

style-spark#2:  I was reading a list of tips for 2010 recently, one the tips was: send postcards.  Well, lo and behold, Assemble carries a great line of postcards and more from Yellow Owl Workshop.  Here’s the Analog Postcard Set, which sells for $10 (and it even comes with a pencil).

Analog Postcard Set from Yellow Owl Workshop

P.S. We can’t all pop into Assemble, but don’t fret, you can shop for Yellow Owl Workshop products online.