Runway Remake: It’s a Jungle Out There

I love, love, love this outfit in Glamour, but my budget can’t quite afford Sacai at the moment, so time for a budget friendly remake…


Pleated Chiffon Blouse, Forever 21, $19.90

Wrap Skirt, Zara, $59.90

Chiffon Pleated Skirt in Bone, American Apparel, $28

Soft Zip-Front Utility Vest, Wet Seal, $26.90


A Spring in My Step!

So remember those red shoes I wore a while back with the gray tights?  Today I’m wearing them open-toed and, boy, it feels good!  Spring (and warmth!) is in the air.  What’s your spring outfit of choice?

Color Sparks

On my way home today, the woman in the car next to me at an intersection was wearing a green sweater with a yellow scraf.  It caught my attention and she looked very spring-y.  It was a classic style-spark.

And when I got home and checked the mail I noticed this photo on the back of the new Crate & Barrel catalog… something about it just made me feel happy. Maybe it was a glimpse of the nice weather that’s not too far around the corner, or maybe it was the colors.

Lighthouse Lantern and Cleve Planters from Crate & Barrel

Pretty Pictures

In yesterday’s paper there was an article about turning your photos into wall art, it made me think of some recent pictures that I need to frame.  There are so many options…

First, there’s the classic frame. I’m partial to frames that come with mattes, they always seem more polished and really make the photos pop. Here’s a great pic of my grandma… I found the frame at a Rite Aid for like five bucks.

Then there are companies that turn your photos into wall art, like BumbleJax that I read about in the paper yesterday.  And there are lots of places that will print your photos on canvas.

If you want to go the old fashioned route and use frames, use a design tool like the one from Pottery Barn to help you plan out a wall of photos. Art Wall offers layout ideas (and even fills in the art pieces for you if you want).

Wall Decor Tool from Pottery Barn

Art Wall

If you need to buy frames, look for an Aaron Brothers near you, twice a year (usually around the holidays and in the summer) they have a “buy one, get one for a penny” sale on all frames.  And, of course, IKEA is always a great option for frames (the catalog and Web site have good frame layout ideas too!).

IKEA frame idea from Web site.

Style Rx

I promise this will be my last post related to being sick, but I just have to share.  When you’re stuck with a nasty cough, Halls cough drops can be your best friend.  But why keep them in that ugly bag?  My hubby came up with the idea to put them in this cute little cup!  And when I asked him to pick up a of Kleenex he found this box with a pretty bamboo print.  Aren’t husbands great??

Just because you are sick doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style!

I can’t remember where the cup is from (Pier 1 maybe? A friend gave us a set of five a few years ago), but the Kleenex are from Whole Foods.

A little Applesauce goes a long way…

Being sick isn’t all bad I guess. While I was sick one my friends sent me and my (also sick) daughter along a couple very cute get-well gifts – a skater-girl skirt for Landry and a rocker-girl coffee sleeve for me.  Both came from a company called Applesauce Apparel and both are made from recycled materials. Applesauce makes mainly kids clothes, so if you’ve got little ones, check out their shop on Etsy! Thanks, Jamie for sending a couple of sparks over to our otherwise not-so-sparky house.

Back On Track

Combine a huge deadline at my day job, a sick husband, a sick baby and a sick self and what do you get? No posts on my blog!

But, I’m feeling better and I am ready to get back on track. I am going to a fashion show tonight which I am hoping will leave me feeling very inspired.

And, I have a couple of style-sparks stashed away that I will be posting over the next couple of days. So stay tuned…