Lovely Lashes

Breaking news on the beauty front: Carrie Underwood is having a set of fake eyelashes custom made for her wedding day.  I know, stop your day, this is life changing news!

But, it did get me thinking about fake lashes and incorporating them into everyday life.  I wore a pair not too long ago for a Rockabilly show my hubby and I went to. It was kind of fun.  I’m lucky, my lashes are pretty good on their own, but the fake lashes gave them and extra oomph.

The girls in the Beauty Department at Glamour Magazine just wrote a series of blog posts about using fake lashes.  Their resolution was to wear fake lashes to every holiday party.  It was a great way to try them out.  Their posts also offer tips on how to wear them.

Wearing fake lashes everyday may not be realistic, but why not try them the next time you head out for a night on the town?


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