A Fluffless Morning

On a cold gray morning, nothing beats stepping out of the shower into a nice fluffy, clean towel.  Unfortunately, this is an experience that I haven’t had in a while.  Sadly, all of our towels have lost their fluff.  It’s hard to justify spending money on nice, new fluffy towels.  But I realized this morning, life is too short for non-fluffy towels.

Yay for Fluffy Towels!

My favorite are the kind of oversized ones, in white.  They just feel so clean and fresh.  Good thing my weekend isn’t too busy since I’ll be spending a good chunk of it at Target towel shopping. (From some reason I can never make it out of Target in less an hour and a 100 bucks.  Does that happen to you?)

While I’m there I’ll keep an eye out for what other hip, stylish things they have on the shelves these days and I’ll report back!

Happy Friday!

BTW.. I was looking for a picture of towels to post and came across this… what the…?

"Inventive Marketing" from AXE


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