Gifts from the Grocer

Turns out a trip to the grocery store can yield more than just a bag full of groceries. Next time you have to stop on your way home, check out the floral department. Many times you’ll find lots of cute pots or baskets for under 10 bucks. There’s usually some fun gift items too. And you may even find a new way to add some life your house. When I stopped the other day they had some great ideas for using pussy willows. I tried to snap a couple of pics when the flower guy wasn’t looking…


2 thoughts on “Gifts from the Grocer

  1. So I was at a friend’s house for a jewelry party and several us were admiring her lovely vase. Guess where she got it? In the Safeway floral department! I had to tell the ladies about your blog and how right on you were. Thanks!

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