Rain Rain Go Away

Would you pay $75 for an umbrella?  Um, I wouldn’t, but you could if you wanted to.

This week is all rain, all the time in the forecast for me and I need a new umbrella. The old golf umbrella I inherited many years ago doesn’t quite  fit with my new, more stylish life, so I started shopping around.

You could buy this lovely “Lola Dot” umbrella for $75 at umbrellas.net

"Lola Dot" umbrella from umbrellas.net

Or how about the just-as-cute, strikingly similar, “Yellow Dot” umbrella at Old Navy for $9.50.

"Yellow Dot" Umbrella from Old Navy

Thank goodness for knock-offs!!

I’m sure the “Lola Dot” probably has a longer lifespan than the “Yellow Dot”, but for the price of the “Lola Dot” you could get one of every pattern Old Navy offers and match your umbrella to your mood (and your outfit)!


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