A Chic Start to the Morning

The bus can be one of the most unstylish places on the planet, but not if you look around.

This morning I spotted this chic red handbag on the lap of the woman sitting next to me.  I snapped a quick shot with my not-so-great  phone camera.  The bag’s owner, Erin, got her fab bag at Nordstrom, Nordstrom brand.

I checked out Nordstrom’s site this morning to see what other bags they have in their line… They have clutchs, wristlets, shoppers and minis in lots of colors. Oh, and lots of them are on sale! Here’s my favorite, the Pleated Leather Hobo

Nordstrom Pleated Leather Hobo in Yellow


One thought on “A Chic Start to the Morning

  1. this is great…How about one for my age group too?! 63…I like dressing stylish, coloful and a bit funky…I had a reality check this weekend, trying to find some slim and heigh rise jeans…I was referred to the womans dept to the brand called ¨not my daughters jeans¨…ugh…I did not care too much for the fabric and the style of those…oh well…

    great site Liv…have fun with it!

    PS I like the purse 🙂

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